Clean water from crystal ice
Fruit and plant product preservation problem
In the process of transforming fresh fruits and plants into products by heating - some useful components (such as aroma, flavour, vitamins, volatile oils, etc.) are destroyed
In the process of transforming fresh products into concentrates, up to 60% of the original flavours and nutrients are LOST.
In the process of transforming plants into extracts, up to 90% of the original flavors and temperature-sensitive molecules are destroyed.

Cryoseparation process is essentially that it is capable of removing water by freezing it out from a solution as ice crystals. Ideally, the ice formed should be free of solutes. First, the solution is partially frozen, the ice crystals are physically separated from the residual solution (concentrated solution), and the ice is melted to form the product water. Ice crystals formed under the appropriate conditions can be very pure.
Highly Efficient Process
The very low energy requirement compared to that of distillation processes.
The reduction in energy costs results as the latent heat of fusion of ice is only one-seventh the latent heat of vaporization of water. Cryoseparation could save 75%–90% of the energy required by conventional thermal processes
Low temperature
Processes have the advantage of a low operating temperature, which minimizes scaling and corrosion problems. In case of liquid foods, the other advantages are less thermal damage of the components, avoidance of off-flavor development, and minimal loss of volatile components.
Low ecological impact
Cryoseparation requires little or no pretreatment, has low or no chemicals requirements and is insensitive to fouling and nature of solution.
Best way for ZLD-solution.

Cryogenic water recrystallization and separation

Water freezes into crystal clear ice with intelligent temperature control.
ICESPRING technology is the solution for high cleaning efficiency with the lowest energy costs.
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